Sýning Jóhönnu Andersen „Story telling“ opnuð.

Sýning Jóhönnu Andersen „Story telling“ verður opnuð í matsal Fiskvinnslunnar Íslandssögu hf laugardaginn 5. Júní 2010. Hér að neðan er lítilræði um þessa sýningu og hvernig hún er til kominn, ef þið klikkið á starfsfólk hér að ofan sjáið þið hvað um er að ræða.

My program; Storytelling for strategic communication is a vocational education program for one and a half year, run by Nordic Bussiness Institute. It’s in close proximity to the bussiness world/industiral and commercial life and contains two internships of 10 weeks each (project based).  This is my first intership and I’m here in Iceland thanks to the Leonardo da Vinci program and their grant for studies abroad in Europe.

The project at Íslandssaga; about learning and getting experience in real life and being resposible for creating and watching something take shape and come to life using stories.

Everyone has stories to tell, and maybe the stories can be a stepping stone, because who can resist a good storie? They can be a way of showing part of who and what we are, of arousing emotions and turning the Polish woman or the Icelandic man into a individual with unique qualities, so much more than just a nationality or a culture… a person we can relate to. Here I’ve had to use part of their stories, but maybe they can arouse curiosity?

My background is in short:

Bachelor in psychology and working on my master in Environmental psychology, also writer of a teenage novel; Ellies ensamhet at Kikkuli publishers in Sweden.

Loves stories, travelling and outdoor activities – combining them all here in Iceland.

Thinks that this has been a great challenge to me and that I’ve learned lots and gotten to know myself better in the process. Frustation, creativity, and lots of fun.